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Winter Running Tips

Winter, the time of year where everyone starts to look to what they want to accomplish in 2022. 

For many people, fitness becomes a real focus, dreams of completing everything from a 5k to a marathon. 

However, the cold can be a real turnoff for those hesitant to put on their trainers.

The team at Destination Sport Experiences have pulled together their expert knowledge to help you conquer the cold and keep running!

Wear shoes even Cinderella would be envious of..

A well fitting pair of trainers can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your run. But in winter, it’s even more important to focus not just on the fit, but also on the grip on the icy roads, and the waterproofing. An icy puddle can ruin anyone’s day, don’t let it ruin yours! 

Check the weather

Winter gusts can make your run feel harder than ever, so play it smart by checking the weather in advance. Check the wind direction and plan your route accordingly so you’re running with the wind, not into it and you’ll have a much better time.

Warm up, literally. 

As the temperature gets colder, so do your muscles, which can leave you much more prone to injuries and tightness. Make sure you complete a thorough warmup, slowly building the intensity and range of movement before you set off.

Light up, be visible

Lights aren’t only for the High Street to bring cheer, they’re also for your safety. As it gets darker earlier, it’s important when running on roads to ensure cars and other hazards can see you. Dress in bright colours and make sure you have a light and reflective gear to keep as safe as possible. 

Hydration is key

The cold weather tends to reduce the amount you sweat, which makes you feel less thirsty than you normally would exercising in the sun. However, your body still needs to replenish your fluids, so make sure you keep drinking, even if you don’t feel thirsty. 

Dress for success

There is a fine line between dressing to stay warm, and dressing too warm to the point of sweating, which can make you feel like Olaf from Frozen himself. It’s important to dress so you feel a slight cool when you set off, this will allow you to regulate your temperate as your body warms up with the run. Wicking fabrics are a must! 

Be realistic

Running in winter can be tough, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not hitting your PBs or put in less mileage than normal. It’s important to keep your mileage ticking over during the winter period, so place a greater focus on that than speed. Remember, every little helps!

Make your 2022 goals come through by putting your training to the test and taking on one of our events. We can offer you guranteed entry, accommodation and expert guides to some of the best running events around such as Paris, Rome and many more!

Check out of range of exciting upcoming running events here > 

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