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Polar Circle Marathon 2023 - Prices from £2050.00pp

Polar Circle Marathon 2023

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The Polar Circle Marathon takes place in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, where endless ice and arctic tundra comprise the setting for this unusual race. Runners pass by glacier tongues and moraine landscapes on their way through the soundless, arctic desert. This is a rare opportunity to combine a trip to remote Greenland with a uniquely exciting race.

Runners can choose between the marathon on Saturday, the half marathon on Sunday, or run both by joining the Polar Bear Challenge!

Feel the soft crunch of snow beneath your shoes while running through the arctic desert and over the Greenland Ice Sheet as you immerse yourself in rare and exceptional natural beauty... what more could we ask for?

Need to Know


Albatros Adventure Marathons reserve the right to change the itinerary and/or running course without further notice in the event of extreme weather.

By signing up for this event, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.


If you are holding a passport from a country with visa requirement to enter the Schengen, you must apply for a special validation of your Schengen visa to enter Greenland, as Greenland is not part of the EU and Schengen Agreement. The Schengen visa and special Greenland validation must be applied at the Danish embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

More information on visa to Greenland can be found here.

Arrival Information

The 5-day tour starts in Copenhagen, Denmark. All participants will meet at Terminal 2 in Copenhagen Airport. The flight to Greenland departs early in the morning, and Air Greenland does not cooperate with other airlines, meaning you must claim your luggage at Copenhagen Airport, clear customs and check in again for the flight to Greenland.

As check in closes one hour before departure, we therefore strongly recommend that you do not book a same day connection, but instead arrive in Copenhagen one or more days in advance. Pre-package nights can be booked in Copenhagen.

On return to Copenhagen, the arrival is in the evening. Once again please note that we do not recommend same day connections out of Copenhagen due to the late arrival from Greenland and the fact that luggage can’t be checked in all the way. It is possible to book post-package nights in the city centre.

Room options

If you are a solo traveller and choose a shared double room when booking, we will pair you with another traveller of the same gender. If you prefer to have your own room, choose single room. A single supplement will apply.

For either single rooms or shared double room, please contact us.

Flight times

Please check the website for updated flight times but keep in mind these are subject to change.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is not included in the price. It is strongly recommended for all participants to have sufficient insurance coverage during their stay in Denmark and Greenland.

Recommended packing list 

It is mandatory to have proper spikes for running on the ice cap! If you do not have access to these, please let our team know and we can arrange to have some provided locally. 


How many layers you wear is an individual matter and weather dependent, but a minimum of 3 layers is recommended. Make sure it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t restrict you in your movements.

Base/Inner Layer (sweat transporting layer):

Must be a functional thinner layer that transports sweat away from your body and dries fast. Avoid base layers with zippers that touch the skin. 

Mid Layer (insulating layer):

Loose weave fabric or fleece with additional thermal insulation thicker than your base layer. The mid layer should provide warmth and breathability. Again, it’s important that moisture is transported to the outside/next layer. 

Top/Outer Layer (weather-protective layer):

The top layer can be divided into two categories: Soft shell and hard shell. Regardless of what you choose, wind protection is the most important thing. Water resistance is a benefit too in case it snows. While soft shells are now being manufactured with better wind and water resistancy, they’re still not as efficient as a hard shell. The hard shell on the other hand, does not have the same breathability as the soft shell, although development of vent zones does allow for more airflow and thus minimizes the risk of wet and cold mid and base layers.

In extreme wind conditions, starting in both a soft and a hard shell can be advisable, but it is also very likely that you will soon be too warm and will need to drop one of them.

Do not wear cotton clothing. High-performance clothing will also decrease your chances of getting blisters and calluses. Merino wool is a potential option, as wool will keep you warm even when it's wet. Brands such as Icebreaker and Smartwool make perfomance-wool clothing.


Three layers on your legs are likely to be too much. The top layer on your legs must have wind protection and preferably thermal functionality. A base layer under a winter tight will work if the tight has wind protection. Alternatively a normal winter running tight may work fine as a base layer under a pair of windproof running pants. Running without wind protection on your legs may cause frostbite on knees, thighs and other lower body parts.

Head and neck:

A winter hat is an absolute must. It should cover your ears too. The neck should be covered with a scarf or a neck tube/buff. It’s important that the scarf/buff can be drawn up over the mouth and nose in case of strong winds. However, running with your nose and mouth covered for a longer time will cause condensation and make your face more prone to frostbite. Balaclavas and buffs with air holes for mouth and nose are available, but even these will eventually turn in to an ice mask. If windy and necessary to cover your face, make sure you actively remove the ice building up on your cover. A spare scarf/buff at the personal supply station is advisable. Star Wars fans may invest in a ColdAvenger. The use of tape on cheek and nose is not recommended. There’s no evidence that this will prevent frostbites, but it will definitely prevent the medical team from seeing signs of frostbite.

Sunglasses or light ski goggles will be a relief in sunny, windy, and/or snowy conditions.


Your feet are the least exposed part of your body as you’ll be constantly moving, sending a lot of blood to your feet and toes. We do recommend, however, that you wear warm running socks, potentially with a thin liner sock underneath. Make sure the sock is high so there’s no open skin gap between sock and tights/pants. A spare pair of socks at the personal supply station is advisable. If the ice sheet is covered in a thick layer of snow gaiters will keep it out of your shoes, but cheaper solutions like a plastic bags inside your shoe may do the trick. If you’re prone to blisters, the plastic bag may cause too much friction.


The coolest marathon on earth!

Ice as far as the eye beholds. Impossibly beautiful, blue skies. Incredibly fresh air. Musk oxen and arctic foxes on the stark landscape of the arctic tundra.

Yes, we are in one of the most remote corners of the world: Greenland. Feel the soft crunch of snow beneath your shoes while running through the arctic desert and Greenland ice cap and immerse yourself in this rare and exceptional natural beauty.

This will undoubtedly be the coolest experience of your life.

A part of the route takes place on the ice sheet itself, but the main part of the course is run on the gravel road (often snow covered) that connects the ice sheet with the small township of Kangerlussuaq, just north of the Polar Circle. 

Hotel Options

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  • Old Camp Hostel Qajak and Tuukkaq Wings

    c/o World of Greenland Arctic Circle Kangerlussuaq Greenland 3910

    More Details

    Immerse yourself in the wilderness with a rustic stay at Old Camp, a hostel-style accommodation with shared bathroom facilities and traditional qualities. You’ll stay in the Qajak and Tuukkaq buildings which are newly renovated. Single and double rooms are small, but modestly furnished with essential amenities, including beds, linens, desk, chair and a small wardrobe. In every building, you will find a communal dining and living room, perfect for relaxing and sharing stories with fellow travelers. Wifi is available for a fee.

    Transportation will be provided in combination with the scheduled itinerary. Bikes are available from the property to explore the adventure hub of Kangerlussuaq, just 25km from the Greenland icesheet.

    Good to know: The currency of Greenland is the Danish krone.


    Key Features:

    • Shuttle Bus
    • Excursions
  • Polar Lodge

    Mitaarfiit Aqq - Box 1009, Kangerlussuaq / Søndre Strømfjord 3910, Greenland

    More Details

    Enjoy a cosy, convenient, well-equipped stay in Greenland.

    Set in Kangerlussuaq village, next to the airport and supermarket. Polar Lodge Hotel (A converted American airbase) offers excursions to Greenland’s ice cap, tundra tours and basic rooms with free Wi-Fi. There are cooking facilities (good for any dietary requirements as food choice is limited due to the location) breakfast is continental.

    All the brightly decorated guest rooms are warm, have a work desk and access to shared bathroom facilities across the hall, as well as a communal kitchen. Accommodation staff can arrange once in a lifetime activities like ice-fishing and dog sledging. The Polar Lodge has a souvenir shop and a communal TV lounge where guests can relax and enjoy a bite to eat together.

    A stay at Polar Lodge will also give you chance to witness the splendour of the aurora borealis too!

    Good to know: The currency of Greenland is the Danish krone.


    Key Features:

    • WiFi
    • Toilets/showers
    • Electricity
    • Excursions
  • Hotel Kangerlussuaq

    2894+VV8, Tankeqarfiup aqq., Søndre Strømfjord, Greenland

    More Details

    Hotel Kangerlussuaq is directly adjacent to the airport, which means it is also close to the marathon start/finish area. The hotel has nice and fairly large single and double rooms with private bathrooms. You can also opt for a quad room (family room) where four people can sleep - this means two twin beds and an additional bunk bed. Breakfast is served in the cafeteria, and the hotel also has a nice restaurant and a bar. 

    Key Features:

    • Bar
    • Restaurant

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Polar Circle Marathon 2023

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